How to fix Sonicwall Global VPN Client issues in Windows 7

 How to fix Sonicwall Global VPN Client (v4.x) issues in Windows 7.

If you get the “Failed to load IPSec driver” error rebooting from install of Sonicwall vpn software then follow this 7 step guide to get it fixed.

It is not an issue with the GVC software in itself as it works before the initial reboot, but Sonicwall IPSec Driver seems to experience some issues under windows 7. What else is new!

Here’s how you fix the bugger!
1. Install SonicWall VPN client
2. Reboot
3. Open device manager
4. Click “View”, then “Show Hidden Devices”.
5. Expand “Non Plug n Play Drivers”
6. Open the SonicWall IPSec device and set startup type to Automatic
7. Click Start to get the driver up again.
8. Reboot again to check if your new settings worked.

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