How to add Exchange mailbox stores

How to add Exchange mailbox stores

1.Click Start, All Programs, Microsoft Exchange, and then select Exchange System Manager.
2.Exchange System Manager opens.
3.In the left pane, right-click the storage group container and select New and then Mailbox Store from the shortcut menu.
4.On the General tab, provide the database name, default public store, and the offline address list to use.
5.You can also enable message archiving and specify whether clients support S/MIME signatures and whether plain-text should be displayed in fixed-sized font.
6.On the Database tab, provide the location the database locations.
7.On the Limits tab, specify the message storage limit, the deleted items policy, and the deleted mailbox policy.
8.On the Full-Text Indexing tab, specify the frequency at which the full-text index is updated or rebuilt.
9.On the Details tab, specify which configuration information needs to be manually inputted by administrators.
10.On the Policies tab, specify the system mailbox store policies for the mailbox store.
11.Click OK.

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